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Please share this information with interested audiences. I think this
themed issue would be useful to typologists.

I’m pleased to announce the most recent release of *Himalayan Linguistics*,
18.1/2019, which has a themed issue and also a grammar in the “Archives and
Field Reports Section.”


The themed issue is “Verb Agreement in Languages of the Eastern Himalayan
Region,” co-edited by Linda Konnerth and Scott DeLancey. It features 10
article contributions and two overviews, and these provide valuable
documentation, analysis, and discussion of argument indexation or verb
agreement systems in several Tibeto-Burman languages spoken in the hills
along the eastern border of India.

The grammar/archives contribution is a comprehensive grammar of Dzongkha,
co-authored by Karma Tshering and George van Driem, which includes grammar
lessons. It also includes three supplemental ZIP-ed sets of audio files.

Special note: Due to file size, the grammar may take awhile to load on the
screen-reader. We also include a ZIP-ed version of the grammar for download
and be read locally on your computer’s hard drive.

*Himalayan Linguistics* is a free, peer-reviewed web journal and archive
devoted to the study of the languages of the Himalayas. Authors who are
interested in submitting a manuscript for peer review to *Himalayan
Linguistics* may consult the “Submission Gudelines” link:


The link to the submission portal is here:

Kristine Hildebrandt

Editor, *Himalayan Linguistics*

('Thanks' in Manange)

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