[Lingtyp] Topic and focus markers with other functions

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  Dear all,

The functions of /na/ discussed by Reggie can be found in an Interlinear 
Glossed Akan corpus which my colleagues and I created on TypeCraft. Some 
of it I recently described in a presentation given at the LLACAN which 
you find on Research Gate.

  Na's function as relative tense marker I had not seen described in 
prior work, but it occurs also in the corpus. Some of this will be 
presented at SLE in Leipzig in the Discourse particle workshop.



On 01.08.2019 01:48, Reggie Duah wrote:
> Dear Fritz,
> In some Kwa languages, what has been called a focus marker can be 
> shown to be a clausal coordinator/complementizer.
> Akan
> Manu nyaa      sika      na       osii                 dan
> Manu get.PST money CONJ 3SG.buy.PST house
> ‘Manu got money and he built a house.’
> Manu na onyaa sika
> Manu FM  3SG.get.PST money
> 'It was Manu who got money.'
> Ga — ni
> Dangme — nɛ
> Lelemi — na
> Here are a few references:
> Fiedler, I.& A. Schwarz (2005). Out-of-focus Encoding in Gur and Kwa. 
> In: Ishihara, S., M. Schmitz and A.
> Schwarz (eds.): Interdisciplinary Studies on Information Structure 03, 
> 111-142. Potsdam: Potsdam
> University.
> Fiedler, I.& A. Schwarz (2008). Focus or Narrative Construction? In: 
> Aboh, E., K. Hartmann & M. Zimmermann (eds.),
> Focus Strategies: Evidence from African Languages, Berlin: de Gruyter. 
> Fiedler & Schwarz (2005, 2008) for more examples.
> Duah, Reginald Akuoko (2019). Coordination, tense, focus and the road 
> in between: the case of the particle na in Akan 
> <https://www.dropbox.com/s/kzuph3bsswtazeg/Seminar-Potsdam.pdf?dl=0>. 
> Synsem Colloquium, Potsdam University.
> Best regards,
> /reggie.
> Dr. R. Akuoko Duah
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>> On 1. Aug 2019, at 1:08 AM, Frederick J Newmeyer <fjn at uw.edu 
>> <mailto:fjn at uw.edu>> wrote:
>> Dear Lingtyp,
>> I am looking for examples where topic markers or focus markers in 
>> some language are clearly members of some broad morphosyntactic category.
>> Let me give an example involving negatives of the sort of thing that 
>> I am looking for. Negative elements in various languages are often 
>> members of a broader category: in Estonian negative particles are 
>> auxiliaries, in Tongan they are complement-taking verbs, in English 
>> they are adverbs, and so on.
>> So what I am looking for are parallel examples with topic and focus 
>> markers: cases where a reasonable analysis would assign them to some 
>> broader category.
>> Thanks,
>> Fritz
>> Frederick J. Newmeyer
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>> Adjunct Professor, U of British Columbia and Simon Fraser U
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