[Lingtyp] Topic and focus markers with other functions

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Am 02.08.19 um 22:10 schrieb Eva Schultze-Berndt:
> Quite apart from the problems of defining focus (on which I'm less 
> sceptical than the sources Eitan cites), in some of the categories 
> that have been cited the literature as focus markers the question 
> arises whether they really *mark* focus, or are rather (i) attracted 
> to a focused constituent, or (ii) focus plays a role in their 
> distribution.

Since this question has been taken up by others, I may be allowed to 
refer you to an article which is devoted to this problem of linguistic 

Lehmann, Christian 2014, “Indirect coding”. Rainer, Franz & Gardani, 
Francesco & Luschützky, Hans Christian & Dressler, Wolfgang U. (eds.), 
/Morphology and meaning. Selected papers from the 15th International 
Morphology Meeting, Vienna, February 2012./ Amsterdam & Philadelphia: J. 
Benjamins (CILT, 327); 97-124. [downloadable 




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