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My name is John Shuey. I am a graduate student in linguistics at the University of Buffalo. I’d like to enlist the help of this community with a project that involves the compilation of typological information regarding the linguistic representation of motion events across languages. The background is Talmy’s (1985, 2000) well-known ‘framing’ typology. While motion event framing has been studied extensively in languages of Eurasia, very little systematic information is currently available regarding the rest of the world. This project aims to contribute toward closing this gap. The goal is a WALS-style map showing the distribution of framing types across languages. 

Below, please find a link to a survey tool designed to gather information about the framing type of individual languages. You will be asked a few questions regarding the possible/preferred ways of expressing ‘path’ and ‘manner’ information in the language on which you respond. This survey is not meant as a tool for primary data collection. I am primarily targeting researchers who have studied the expression of motion in particular languages (or are otherwise knowledgable about it, regardless of whether they are L1 speakers of these languages or not). Providing examples that illustrate the relevant properties is optional, but would be very much appreciated, since it will help prevent misunderstanding and assess the reliability of the information provided. 

I welcome information on any language, including languages of Eurasia. Respondents are very welcome to provide information on multiple languages. To this end, they would fill out the survey for each language. Any publication of the results will acknowledge all contributors. I will happily freely share the responses with all respondents. 

https://path-typology.limequery.com/279843 <https://path-typology.limequery.com/279843>

Thank you,

John Shuey
Department of Linguistics
University at Buffalo
Email: johnshue at buffalo.edu <mailto:johnshue at buffalo.edu>  
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