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Dear David,

Yes, the “indigenous” language featured in the film is solely constructed for the film. And the film plot does indeed have some fantasy-like features in it. But overall, I would say that the film left me many thoughts on fieldwork (e. g. the relationship between the linguist and the native speakers), language endangerment (e. g. the experience of the last speakers of a dying language), and human language in general. Although I haven’t watched Avatar yet, I would imagine that this film is has a more “realistic” background than Avatar.


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I haven’t seen the movie, which may be very entertaining, but it isn’t about a real language.  The synopsis here


makes it sound like fun, but not much like reality. I suppose if Avatar is inspirational for ecologists, something like this could be inspiring for linguists.

Just saying.



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Dear all,

Yesterday, I watched a Dutch-Mexican film "I dream in another language (Sueño en otro idioma)", which is about a dying language of Mexico. I would recommend it to all typologists and those doing fieldwork on minority languages, as the film is truly touching and inspiring, especially to us linguists.


Ian JOO (주이안)

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