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Sun May 19 15:12:57 UTC 2019

Dear all,

I wish to compile a list of baby-talk (parentese, motherese, infant-directed speech, nursery) words that represent the meaning ‘food’ or ‘food for babies’.
Since there seem to be very few published resources for baby-talk vocabularies in different languages, I would like to ask everyone in this mailing list what is the baby-talk word for ‘food’ in the language(s) you are familiar with.
I’ll start with my native language, Korean: /mam.ma/ 맘마.

  1.  mamma mek-ca

food eat-let’s

‘Let’s eat food, sweetie.’

I would appreciate if you transcribe the words in IPA. And I recommend replying to my e-mail address ian.joo at outlook.com<mailto:ian.joo at outlook.com> rather than the mailing list, lest the list becomes flooded with replies.
Since I wish to write a manuscript based on this data, please confirm if you allow me to use the baby-talk word you provided for my research (your name and affiliation will be cited in my manuscript with the notation “p. c.”, or “personal communication”).
Thanks in advance.

From Jena, Germany,
Ian Joo
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