[Lingtyp] EvoBib: A Bibliographic Database and Quote Collection

Mattis List mattis.list at lingpy.org
Sat Oct 12 18:19:23 UTC 2019

Dear colleagues,

My personal bibliographic database and collection of quotes in the
literature has just been officially released (by me, in version 1.0.0),
and I thought that this tool, or maybe also simply the idea behind it,
might be of interest for some of you, which is why I share it here.


What the tool essentially does is offering references from the diverse
quantitative/qualitative literature concerning language comparison from
a cross-linguistic perspective.

The reference browser contains my personal collection of quotes that I
regularly assemble whenever reading a text, in order to be able to use
it later in publications, or to quickly look up, who said what.

Thus, if you want to look on what August Schleicher said about language
trees, you can look up his famous quote (not yet translated, I do that
step by step, whenever I find time), you can just open the following
URL: http://bibliography.lingpy.org/?idf=473

In this way, one can also share quotes from the literature in discussion
with colleagues.

All data is also shared on Zenodo (but I delete all personal comments
from it, as these are only for my personal work), and a few of you may
find themselves in the collection.

If you are interested in the general idea of collecting quotes from the
literature in this form, feel free to get in touch with me. I do not
have ambitions to make it an open system, as I also lack the
possibilities to run everything, but if some of you have their own
collections, I would be interested in sharing experiences, and the like
(and the code is of course online on github:

All the best,


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