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Fri Apr 3 08:12:47 UTC 2020

Dear typologists,
I wish to thank those of you who, in the past days, contacted me for the Digital Archive of the World's Languages (DAWL). I will treasure any suggestion and idea I received.
Some of you expressed the wish of seeing the complete list of the resources of the DAWL, although it is rather cryptic. As someone wrote, this is better than nothing. In addition, as another person wrote, the list might be helpful to locate sources that are objectively hard to find. At least, in this way, one knows that digital reproductions of those sources exist somewhere.
Following a suggestion I received, I uploaded the list here:


I will remove this file in one week.
The DAWL is "frozen", as I indicated. However, given the difficult times in which we living and bearing in mind that libraries are now closed in many countries, if I receive a request concerning one or few specific files stored in the DAWL that are considered crucial for current research projects (excluding reproductions of manuscripts), I cannot be insensitive. After all, the DAWL was realized also through donations from many people, including some of you.
All the best,

> Il 1 aprile 2020 alle 14.16 Robert Forkel <forkel at shh.mpg.de> ha scritto:
>     Dear Raoul,
>     judging from the catalog excerpt you just sent, it shouldn't be too difficult to turn Glottolog into DAWL's online catalog.
>     DAWL could function as one of Glottolog's "reference providers" (like the resources of the Language Description Heritage Library, see https://glottolog.org/providers/ldh). The description of this provider could include information how to actually access the resources.
>     Feel free to send me the whole list to forkel at shh.mpg.de mailto:forkel at shh.mpg.de and I can evaluate the effort.
>     Of course the problem of archiving/hosting the actual files will remain to be solved.
>     best
>     robert
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