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Dear Raoul,
judging from the catalog excerpt you just sent, it shouldn't be too 
difficult to turn Glottolog into DAWL's online catalog.
DAWL could function as one of Glottolog's "reference providers" (like 
the resources of the Language Description Heritage Library, see 
https://glottolog.org/providers/ldh). The description of this provider 
could include information how to actually access the resources.

Feel free to send me the whole list to forkel at shh.mpg.de and I can 
evaluate the effort.

Of course the problem of archiving/hosting the actual files will remain 
to be solved.


On 01.04.20 13:55, zamponi_raoul at libero.it wrote:
> Dear all,
> given that I received various messages (also privately) about the DAWL 
> (the Digital Archive of the World's Languages), I think I should 
> answers the most frequent questions I received.
> - The archive is not anywhere, at least officially. It is stored in an 
> external CD that I keep in my house, in Italy. A twin archive is 
> stored in Sweden.
> - I am not able to provide a detailed catalogue of the resources the 
> DAWL contains. I have just generated a list of the files it presently 
> contains. The name of the files are usually self-explanatory and 
> permit recognition of the sources: /intelligenti pauca!/
> I tried to send the list I generated, but I received this warning:
> ... your message could not be delivered to 
> lingtyp at listserv.linguistlist.org. Message size exceeds fixed limit
> Given the I cannot send the long, whole list, now I am sending only 
> the initial segment A-E (It should be enough for having an idea about 
> the archive.) The whole list of the material on the *7,073* languages 
> covered by the DAWL is (privately) available to anyone interested.
> - I am aware that the whole archive cannot be accessible to the 
> interested people due to the current copyright restrictions (at least 
> in my country). I consulted a legal for this.
> - This fact, however, does not prevent that the archive is kept by a 
> scientific institution. The part of the archive that reproduces 
> copyrighted materials should remain "under embargo" and inaccessible. 
> The legal I consulted said that this option apparently does not break 
> any European law, but he did not understand the sense of an archive 
> that must remain largely inaccessible to all.
> - The sense of all this is that of preserving as many sources possible 
> about the present-day linguistic diversity of the world. The archive, 
> besides being a precious working tool for typologists, is a testimony 
> for future generations of the over 7,000 languages/"linguoids" we 
> currently know. From this point of view, the DAWL is the equivalent, 
> on the linguistic plane, of the (inaccessible) Svalbard Global Seed 
> Vault: an attempt to ensure against the loss of sources (often rare 
> and precious) documenting the world linguistic diversity. We must also 
> think in the long term, when copyright restriction will decay and many 
> of the languages covered in the DAWL will be no more spoken.
> - The DAWL is in search of an institution that can preserve it and, 
> possibly, catalogue its resources (note that further 80.000 files 
> needs to be open and classified!). I (and the co-creator of the 
> archive) ask for nothing in return. This is more than enough. I do not 
> wish that the DAWL is commercially exploited or falls into the hand of 
> the web giants. This should be clear. I also cannot take the risk of 
> passing the DAWL to foundations that have links with the web giants.
> - Unfortunately, I cannot fulfill requests of the type: "send all that 
> you have on the language X". I welcome, however, suggestions and ideas 
> about the way of preserving the DAWL.
> Best regards,
> Raoul Zamponi
>> Il 1 aprile 2020 alle 2.39 Bill Palmer <bill.palmer at newcastle.edu.au> 
>> ha scritto:
>> Hi Raoul
>> I don’t know about anyone else, but I’d certainly like the whole 
>> volume if that’s possible.
>> I’m not clear what the situation is with DAWL. Where is it housed at 
>> present, and why does it need to move? How does one get access to it now?
>> Best
>> Bill
>> Bill Palmer
>> Director
>> Endangered Languages Documentation,
>>       Theory and Application Research Program
>>       The University of Newcastle
>> Vice-President, Australian Linguistics Society
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>> *Subject:* [Lingtyp] Fwd: Copy of Hale 1976, DAWL
>> Dear Jonah,
>> a digital reproduction of Hale (1976) is in attachment. Let me know 
>> if you also need the rest of the volume.
>> This file if from a digital archive called DAWL (Digital Archive of 
>> the World's Languages) created over 20 years ago containing now (in 
>> this moment) over 100,000 resources (linguistic descriptions and 
>> other materials) about 7,073 languages of the world (or varieties 
>> considered as such by Glottolog). This archive is in search of an 
>> institution that can adopt it and save it from dispersion, by 
>> respecting the current copyright restrictions.
>> If anyone is interested or has ideas can contact me, of course.
>> Best,
>> Raoul Zamponi
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>>     Data: 30 marzo 2020 alle 21.11
>>     Oggetto: [Lingtyp] Copy of Hale 1976
>>     Dear all,
>>     I hope this works as this is my first time posting to this list.
>>     I was wondering if anyone on here might have a digital copy of
>>     Ken Hale's 1976 paper " Phonological developments in particular
>>     Northern Paman languages". It appeared in the volume Languages of
>>     Cape York with Peter Sutton as editor. We have a physical copy in
>>     our library here but current circumstances prevent us from going
>>     into the library and our digital chapter request process is
>>     enormously backed up with requests due to everyone working from
>>     home. If so, could you send me a copy?
>>     Thank you!
>>     -Jonah Bates
>>     *Jonah Bates*
>>     Doctoral Candidate
>>     Department of Linguistics
>>     University of Kansas
>>     Blake Hall
>>     1541 Lilac Lane | Lawrence, KS 66044 | USA
>>     https://www.jonahdavidbates.com
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