[Lingtyp] New issue of Cadernos de Etnolingüistica

Roberto Daniel Zariquiey Biondi rzariquiey at pucp.edu.pe
Sun Apr 12 16:36:04 UTC 2020

Dear all:

We are very please to announce the recent release of the latest issue of Cadernos de Etnolinguistica (Vol8:1, 2020). Cadernos de Etnolinguistica is a fully open access journal. The new issue features three excellent papers on Amazonian languages. Please, see below:

Artigos • Artículos • Articles

As línguas Maxakalí e Krenák dentro do tronco Macro-Jê (Andrey Nikulin & Mário André Coelho da Silva)

A grammatical description of Warao imperatives: Formal brevity and morphological complexity (Allegra Robertson & Konrad Rybka

Rethinking the communicative functions of evidentiality: Event responsibility in Nanti (Arawakan) evidential practice (Lev Michael)

The new issue can be accessed here: http://www.etnolinguistica.org/cadernos:vol8n1 <http://www.etnolinguistica.org/cadernos:vol8n1>

I hope you all are doing well in these unusual times,


Roberto Zariquiey (and Flavia de Castro, and Lev Michael)

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