[Lingtyp] Call: Second Call for Organized Sessions at SSILA 2021

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*Annual Winter Meeting, San Francisco, CA*

*January 7-10, 2021*

*Call for Organized Session Proposals**

**Please note that there will be a call for regular papers in the coming
weeks.  This call is only for organized session proposals.*

*Deadline for Organized Session Proposals:*

*May 1st, 2020*

The Society for the Study of the Indigenous Languages of the Americas
(SSILA) will hold its annual winter meeting jointly with the Linguistic
Society of America (LSA) in San Francisco, CA on January 7-10, 2021.  SSILA
meetings allow scholars to present on a wide range of topics centered on
any aspect of Indigenous American languages.

*Call for Organized Session Proposals*

SSILA welcomes proposals for organized sessions.  This is an opportunity
for researchers to present a series of presentations that revolve around a
single typological, methodological or areal theme.  The presentations must
be based on original research focusing on the linguistic study of the
Indigenous languages of the Americas.

Organized sessions involve more than one scholar and are expected to make a
distinctive and creative contribution to the meeting. Proposals for
organized sessions are NOT reviewed anonymously. These sessions may include
a symposium (several presentations focused on a specific theme), a workshop
(presentations with invited discussants), a tutorial, a datablitz, and
other types of sessions with a clear, specific, and coherent rationale.

Abstract Submission

The *deadline* for receipt of organized session proposals is on *May 1st at
11:59PM (Hawaii-Aleutian time).*

Authors of successful SSILA session proposals may wish to submit their
proposals to the LSA for co-sponsorship.  Please note that the LSA deadline
for organized sessions is on May 15th.  The SSILA committee will make a
decision about these proposals before the LSA submission deadline.  For
more information on submitting organized session proposals to the LSA 2021
Annual Meeting, see the LSA website (

All organized session proposals should be submitted electronically by
e-mail to SSILA Program Committee Administrator Martin Kohlberger (
conferences at ssila.org). Any queries prior to the submission deadline can
also be sent to this e-mail address.  Proposals should be submitted in

The proposal must indicate whether it is intended to be a joint SSILA/LSA
session or a SSILA session only, and should include:

(1) a session title;

(2) the type of session (e.g. symposium, workshop, tutorial, datablitz,

(3) the name, affiliation and e-mail addresses of organizers;

(4) the session length (either 1.5 hours or 3 hours);

(5) a session abstract of up to 1000 words outlining the purpose and
motivation for the session, as well as the social impacts (e.g.
contribution to community goals, broader outcomes);

(6) the names and affiliations of all participants, their role (paper
presenter, introducer, moderator, discussant, etc.), and the titles of

(7) a complete timetable (note that organized sessions do not have to
follow the 20-minute paper + 10-minute discussion format, but the
presentation format should be clearly described);

(8) 200-500 word abstracts for each paper or poster presentation

All organizers and presenters must be members of SSILA in order for their
proposal to be accepted (http://ssila.org/memberships/). The membership
requirement may be waived for co-authors, or for participants in organized
sessions, who are from disciplines other than those ordinarily represented
by SSILA (linguistics and linguistic anthropology). Requests for waivers of
membership must be made by a member of the Society to the SSILA Secretary
Mary Linn (secretary at ssila.org).
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