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Dear Peter,

Beja (North Cushitic, Afroaiastic) is partially like that (time is not 
concerned, and manner only marginally. It also has dedicated 
interrogative adverbs).
I am reproducing below a section of my grammar

Le pronom interrogatif sélectif ‘lequel ?’est/naː/(M), /naː=t/ (F). Au 
féminin il a aussi le sens d’un adverbe interrogatif quantitatif 
‘combien ?’ et locatif ‘où ?’.



‘Comment aurai-je le courage de le leur dire ?’ (lit. de quel visage 
vais-je parler ?)(14_sijadok_140)



‘Combien d’aumônes as-tu données ?’(14_sijadok_300)



‘Où as-tu trouvé ton argent ?’(17_shoemaker_142)



Le 11/08/2020 à 20:47, Peter Arkadiev a écrit :
> Dear typologists,
> as is well-known, there are many languages lacking a distinction between "animate" and "inanimate" interrogative words (see the doctoral dissertation by Dmitry Idiatov), e.g. Lithuanian "kas" means both 'who' and 'what'. I am wondering if there are any languages where interrogative words don't distinguish between such ontological categories as "place", "time" and "manner", e.g. have a single interrogative word which, depending on the context, can mean "when", "where", "how" and the like.
> Many thanks in advance and best regards,
> Peter
> Idiatov, Dmitry. 2007. A Typology of Non-Selective Interrogative Pronominals. PhD Dissertation, Universiteit Antwerpen.
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