[Lingtyp] 'Take' as diachronic source for causative? 'Stand' for ingressive?

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Dear Claudia,

McKay (1978: 158) notes that in the Australian language Rembarrnga ‘there appears to be a close relationship between the _-ka_ CAUS suffix and the verb _ka_ ‘take’ used as an auxiliary’.

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McKay, Graham Richard. 1975. Rembarnga: A language of central Arnhem land. PhD dissertation, The Australian National University.

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Subject: [Lingtyp] 'Take' as diachronic source for causative? 'Stand' for ingressive?

Dear all,

It was suggested to me that grammaticalization of the verb 'take' to a causative marker is typologically unusual, and indeed, apart from the mention of Twi and Nupe (in Kuteva et al. 2019 and sources cited therein) and Fon (Lefebvre 1991) I have found little to no information on languages where this has happened... Would any of you know any other languages and could point me towards publications I could cite?

And related to this, I have been even less successful at finding languages where the verb for 'to stand' (as posture verb) has been grammaticalized to function as a marker for ingressive - if you know of any, would you be so kind to point me to any publications?

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Lefebvre, Claire. 1991. Take serial verb constructions in Fon. In Claire Lefebvre (ed.), Serial Verbs: Grammatical, Comparative and Cognitive Approaches, 37-78. Amsterdam, Philadelphia: Benjamins.

Kuteva, Tania, Bernd Heine, Bo Hong, Haiping Long, Heiko Narrog & Seongha Rhee (eds.). 2019. World Lexicon of Grammaticalization, 2nd edition. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.


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