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Christian Lehmann christian.lehmann at uni-erfurt.de
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Dear Sergey,

I understand there are at least two distinct problems there:

 1. How is the process which produces your Akzentkomposita to be
 2. Once we know the type of grammatical boundary separating/joining the
    two components in a unit, what is the standard boundary symbol for it?

Ad 1: From the examples that you provide, it does not appear that it is 
a kind of compounding. (Consequently, I would not call the products 
X-komposita, no matter what X is.) Still from your examples, it would 
appear that the process is (some kind of) clisis. I take the liberty of 
sending the link to my most recent article (just accepted for 
publication), devoted to exactly this kind of problem:


Ad 2: If it is clisis, the = symbol you are using is standard. If it 
were compounding, you would use the + symbol. If it is a new kind of 
process, with a new kind of grammatical boundary, we would have to 
deploy another symbol. There are plenty of as yet unused symbols around; 
how about ⧧ (Unicode 29e7) ?




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