[Lingtyp] odd clitic behaviours

Alexander Rice ax.h.rice at gmail.com
Wed Dec 1 06:49:27 UTC 2021

Dear typologists

I'm working with a variety of Quechua, I have a set of three morphemes.
They and their equivalents in related varieties are traditionally analyzed
as evidential enclitcs or suffixes.

However in some data that I've been working with recently I've noticed a
couple of interesting behaviours of these enclitics:

1) They sometimes manifest as pro-clitics but only on the copular verb and
in a much more phonologically reduced from

2) At least one of the three appears to manifest as a phonologically
independent "word'. A native speaker with whom I work sometimes transcribes
the clitic as a separate word, and upon my review of the recordings, many
of these do appear to be phonologically independent from what would usually
be the phonological host, and in some instances, they occur at the
beginning of an intonational unit.

I wonder if any of you have encountered or know of similar phenomena, any
references would be most appreciated.

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