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Dear all,A student of mine while gathering a spoken corpus for a geographical variety of Persian has noticed that this variety is using a fixed form of the verb to see, 'bin-i' (see-2SG) as polar question marker (1) and in content questions (2,3) along with wh-word:
1) bin-i         miy-ād?    see-2SG   come-3SG'Does s/he come?'
2) bin-i        kojā-st?     see-2SG     where-be.3SG    'Where is s/he?'
 3) bin-i        ši         šod-e?
    see-2SG      what   become-3SG   'What happened?'
Two questions:First: Is there any other language which uses a polar question marker originating from verb?Second: Is double marking of content questions attested?
All the best,Mohammad 

Mohammad Rasekh-Mahand Linguistics Department,Bu-Ali Sina University, Hamedan, Iran.Postal Code: 6517838695  https://basu.academia.edu/MohammadRasekhmahand
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