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Dear Maja,
What an interesting topic -- do you plan to conduct a systematic survey? 
I am not sure of what you mean by 'goal type verbs' (is 'come' a goal type verb in the Manambu example?), but you will find a detailed description of a biclausal source expression that involve posture verbs in Ese Ejja in this recently published paper: Source-Goal asymmetries in Ese Ejja | John Benjamins. In there I mention that Japanese and Polish can also use posture verbs in similar biclausal source constructions.

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Source-Goal asymmetries in Ese Ejja | John Benjamins

Marine Vuillermet

Abstract Ese Ejja (Takanan) is an endangered language spoken in the Bolivian and Peruvian lowlands. The paper ex...



I have also submitted a paper on what the posture verbs refer to (not always the real posture of the Figure) in that biclausal construction. If you are interested, I would be happy share it, but be aware it is in French.
All the best!

Marine VuillermetPostdoctoral fellow 
University of Zürich
 Department of Comparative LinguisticsOut Of Asia: Linguistic Diversity and Population History

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  1. Complex Source constructions (Maja Robbers)


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Dear typologists,
I am interested in finding more examples of the following construction type, typically involving (i) a locative/Place/positional verb and (ii) one or several Goal-type verbs, both of which are combined to express a spatial SOURCE meaning, cf.:
Choctaw [Broadwell 2006: 359]








‘The rain started off over there.’

Manambu [Aikhenvald 2008: 151, 282]












‘Get my wife to come from there’ (lit. ‘My wife having stayed there, you order (lit. say-throw) her: may she come’)

Abui [Kratchovíl 2007: 356]






‘go from the house!’ (lit. ‘be in the house, go!’)

Similar patterns seem to exist, for example, in Mian and in Ò̩ko̩. Please kindly point me to further data. Also, I will be happy to learn if there is any literature specifically on this.

All the best,

Maja Robbers
PhD student in Linguistics
Department of Linguistics and Philology
Uppsala University
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