[Lingtyp] Term for “non-pronominal anaphora"

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Hi All,
resuming in a rather scholastic way what has been said thus far about
we have Exophoric  Refer. when the reference is to the general speech
situation (=not  intratextual) or Endophoric (=intratextual) Refer.: see
Randy's mail of June 1st. Endophor. Refer. can be anaphoric  (looking
backward) or cataphoric (looking forward).  As Mira Ariel correctly
underlines, Reference  concerns  language use and not its form.
Consequently, Christian's suggestion to Martin about   'endophora' is
correct .
 Am I missing something ?

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Il giorno mar 1 giu 2021 alle ore 21:34 Christian Lehmann <
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> Dear Martin,
> I think 'endophora' is the cover term that you want. I have always thought
> that 'anaphora' in the generic sense is just a convenient shorthand for the
> much rarer 'endophora'. If you want to be precise, then 'anaphora', given
> the meaning of Greek *aná*, can only have the specific sense in which it
> contrasts with cataphora.
> Best, Christian
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