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Hi Ian,

I don't know where you get (3).  As a native speaker of Mandarin Chinese, I
do not think (3) is acceptable. Instead, the second *bei* should be
replaced by *gei* in order to become a grammatical sentence.

(3) Zhangsan bei-Lisi *bei-*da-le.
Zhangsan PASS-Lisi PASS-hit-PRF
`Zhangsan was hit by Lisi.'

Should be changed to:
Zhangsan bei-Lisi *gei*-da-le.
Zhangsan PASS-Lisi give-hit-PRF
`Zhangsan was hit by Lisi.'


On Sun, Feb 28, 2021 at 10:26 PM JOO, Ian [Student] <
ian.joo at connect.polyu.hk> wrote:

> Dear typologists,
> I wonder if you are aware of any language whose passive construction marks
> both the agent and the verb.
> For example, in Mandarin, the agent receives the passive marker *bei.*
> (1) Zhangsan bei-Lisi da-le.
> Zhangsan PASS-Lisi hit-PRF
> `Zhangsan was hit by Lisi.'
> When the agent is omitted, the verb receives *bei*.
> (2) Zhangsan bei-da-le.
> Zhangsan PASS-hit-PRF
> `Zhangsan was hit.'
> But, in some occasions, both the agent and the verb receive *bei*:
> (3) Zhangsan bei-Lisi bei-da-le.
> Zhangsan PASS-Lisi PASS-hit-PRF
> `Zhangsan was hit by Lisi.'
> Are you aware of any other language where a construction like (3) is
> possible?
> The only one I am aware of at the moment is Vietnamese.
> I would greatly appreciate any help.
> Regards,
> Ian
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