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 Hi,Ian and Hsiu-chuan:
  Hsiu-chuan said what I want to say. There are lots of papers published in Chinese discussing about the word gei in this construction. In fact, gei can also replace the first bei in Mandarin, especially in south Mandarin. e.g., Zhangsan gei-Lisi             da-le.
Zhangsan give/PASS-Lisi hit-PRF
`Zhangsan was hit by Lisi.'  

    On Tuesday, March 2, 2021, 09:23:33 AM GMT+8, Hsiu-chuan Liao <hcliao2 at gmail.com> wrote:  
 Hi Ian,
I don't know where you get (3).  As a native speaker of Mandarin Chinese, I do not think (3) is acceptable. Instead, the second bei should be replaced by gei in order to become a grammatical sentence. 
(3) Zhangsan bei-Lisi bei-da-le.
Zhangsan PASS-Lisi PASS-hit-PRF
`Zhangsan was hit by Lisi.'

Should be changed to:Zhangsan bei-Lisi gei-da-le.
Zhangsan PASS-Lisi give-hit-PRF
`Zhangsan was hit by Lisi.'  

On Sun, Feb 28, 2021 at 10:26 PM JOO, Ian [Student] <ian.joo at connect.polyu.hk> wrote:

Dear typologists,

I wonder if you are aware of any language whose passive construction marks both the agent and the verb.
For example, in Mandarin, the agent receives the passive marker bei.

(1) Zhangsan bei-Lisi da-le.
Zhangsan PASS-Lisi hit-PRF
`Zhangsan was hit by Lisi.'

When the agent is omitted, the verb receives bei.

(2) Zhangsan bei-da-le.
Zhangsan PASS-hit-PRF
`Zhangsan was hit.'

But, in some occasions, both the agent and the verb receive bei:

(3) Zhangsan bei-Lisi bei-da-le.
Zhangsan PASS-Lisi PASS-hit-PRF
`Zhangsan was hit by Lisi.'

Are you aware of any other language where a construction like (3) is possible?
The only one I am aware of at the moment is Vietnamese.
I would greatly appreciate any help.


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