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Dear Florian — I know next to nothing about Hittite. The one structural “fact” I happen to remember is that Hittite stacks clitics in Wackernagel’s position. I was waiting for somebody more competent to point this out, but since that hasn’t happened, here we are. Googling “Hittite clitics”  returns a bunch of hits, just from the top:


The second item is Andrew Garrett’s 1990 Harvard dissertation.

Best — Juergen

> On Mar 30, 2021, at 7:35 AM, florian.matter at isw.unibe.ch wrote:
> Dear all,
> I am looking for examples of morphologically complex clitics — i.e., g-words that a) do not form their own p-words and b) consist of multiple morphemes. Below are some of the few examples I have found. In (1-2), it is an encliticized copula which carries person inflection. In (3), the verb complex consists of a finite verb, a converb, and an auxiliary, each their own g-word. Both the finite verb and the auxiliary are inflected for first person and therefore morphologically complex.
> (1) Trió (Cariban)
>     əmamina-nə=pəə=w-a-e               
>     play-INF=occ.with=1Sa-be-NPST.CERT 
>     'I am playing' (Meira 1999: 180)
> (2) Ecuadorian Quechua
>     paj  mana wasi-bi=t͡ʃu=ga-n  
>     3PRO NEG  house-LOC=NEG=be-3 
>     'S/he is not at home.' (Muysken 2010: 197)
> (3) Nangikurrunggurr (Southern Daly)
>     jawul karicinmade ŋebem=wuɹic=ŋiɹim                catma    
>     spear bent        1SG.S.bash.PRS=fix=1SG.S.sit.PRS straight 
>     'I'm sitting straightening this bent spear.' (Reid 2003: 114)
> I am grateful for any further examples of such patterns, or references to literature on morphologically complex clitics.
> Best,
> Florian
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