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Dear all,

thank you for your helpful comments.
Alex François recommended me his chapter (please find attached) which explains why using a dialogue and not isolated sentences is a good idea and I fully agree. So I think it’s preferable to use the five dialogues presented in his chapter.
Volker Gast also suggested using multimodal stimuli to avoid translation bias. I also think that’s a good idea. So I will work on creating the cartoon version of Alex’s dialogues, which is intended to be shown to the participant so that they can translate what’s in the speech balloons (written in a lingua franca of the speech community). This is how it will be like:


The full version will be colored and digitalized, of course.
Several have also pointed out that Edit distance (such as DL distance) may not be a good method. I will look into what other options may be available, or how the DL distance method can be improved. But I think with Alex’s dialogues made into multimodal stimuli, I can collect the data first, and then decide how to analyze it later.

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Just another methodological observation: If the method involves an automatic analysis of morphological glosses, you have to control the glossing method.

For instance, your gloss
1.SG be.1.SG.PRES in DET house
uses DET, supposedly 'Determiner'. This means that some of your glosses (like SG) identify a particular value of a morphological category (number, in this case), while others (like DET instead of DEF) identify an entire category. Your project presupposes that you be consistent in this. See:



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