[Lingtyp] terminological question about intransitive verbs

Christian Lehmann christian.lehmann at uni-erfurt.de
Wed May 12 10:24:59 UTC 2021

The only or direct actant of an intransitive verb may be its actor 
(/run/) or its undergoer (/die/). This may be taken to be a feature of 
the verb's valency. There are then two valency classes of intransitive 
verbs. I know of the following terms for these:

active - inactive (Klimov)
agentive - non-agentive
unergative - unaccusative (Perlmutter)

All of these pairs have terminological or conceptual problems (which I 
can name if desired). I have therefore been looking for better terms. I 
had called them
actor-oriented - undergoer-oriented.
However, I need the term 'oriented' in verbal grammar in a different 
sense, so I have to replace these. Currently, I call them
actor-holding - undergoer-holding
Not particularly elegant, are they?

Are there good terms on the linguistic market (of the past two 
centuries) for what is meant by the above? Or failing this, brilliant 

Grateful for suggestions,

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