[Lingtyp] terminological question about intransitive verbs

Christian Lehmann christian.lehmann at uni-erfurt.de
Sat May 15 10:28:49 UTC 2021

Hi Don,

thanks for your suggestions.
> I assume you don't want to use actor/undergoer-focused because of the 
> various (potentially conflicting!) uses in information structure.
> What about actor/undergoer-directed?
This may be a good choice. Maybe better than "agentive/patientive", 
because what is meant are macro-roles rather than roles.
> Also, I noticed you didn't mention the more abstract designation 
> rather than terms, e.g. Sₐ vs Sₚ. Was there a reason for that? 
> Comrie's (possibly predated, I didn't check who first came up with it) 
> method was to list the different pairs of terms used and then prefer 
> Sₐ vs Sₚ.
I don't know whether these abbreviations have been used as attributes, 
like "an Sₚ verb". Anyway, I would not use them in the present case 
since the language I have to describe (Cabecar) is full of ergative 
constructions, and use of the notion S (subject) would imply an undue 
generalization here.


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