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Since Raffaele's excellent bibliography includes one item in Italian, let me add an item of my own, in English but about another contribution to the topic written in Italian by an Italian linguist sadly not much read or cited these days.

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Dear Sergej,

the following list of titles can be of use:

  *   Brenzinger, M. (ed.) (1992): Language Death. Factual and Theoretical Explorations with Special Reference to East Africa. Berlin, De Gruyter.
  *   Campbell, L. (1994): Language Death. In R.E. Asher & J.M.Y. Simpson (eds.), The Encyclopedia of Language and Linguistics, Vol. 4, Oxford, Pergamon Press, 1960-1968.
  *   Dal Negro, S. (2004): The Decay of a Language. The Case of a German Dialect in the Italian Alps. Bern, Lang.
  *   De Bot, K. (1996): Language loss. In H. Goebl, P.H. Nelde, Z. Starý, W. Wölck (eds.), Kontaktlinguistik. Contact Linguistics. Linguistique de contact (1. Halbband), Berlin, De Gruyter, 579-58,
  *   Denison, N. (1977): Language death or language suicide? Linguistics, 191, 13-22.
  *   Dorian, N.C. (1977): The problem of the semi-speaker in language death. Linguistics, 191, 23-32.
  *   Dorian, N.C. (1981): Language Death. The Life Cycle of a Scottish Gaelic Dialect. Philadelphia, University of Pennsylvania Press.
  *   Dorian, N.C. (1999): The study of language obsolescence: stages, surprises, challenges. Langues et Linguistique. Languages and Linguistics, 3, 99-122.
  *   Dorian, N.C. (ed.) (1989): Investigating Obsolescence. Studies in Language Contraction and Death. Cambridge, Cambridge University Press.
  *   Dressler, W.U. (1996): Language death. In R. Singh (ed.), Towards a Critical Sociolinguistics, Amsterdam, Benjamins, 195-210.
  *   Dressler, W.U. (2003): Dallo stadio di lingue minacciate allo stadio di lingue moribonde attraverso lo stadio di lingue decadenti: una catastrofe ecolinguistica considerata in una prospettiva costruttivista. In A. Valentini, P. Molinelli, P. Cuzzolin, G. Bernini (a cura di), Ecologia linguistica, Roma, Bulzoni, 9-25.
  *   Dressler, W.U. & Wodak-Leodolter, R. (1977): Language preservation and language death in Brittany. International Journal of the Sociology of Language, 12, 33-44.
  *   Hagège, C. (2000): Halte à la mort des langues. Paris, Odile Jacob.
  *   Myers-Scotton, C. (1998): A way to dusty death: the Matrix Language turnover hypothesis. In L.A. Grenoble & L.J. Whaley (eds.), Endangered Languages, Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 289-316.
  *   Sasse, H.-J. (1992): Theory of language death. In Brenzinger (ed.), 7-30.
  *   Wolfram, W. (2002): Language death and dying. In J.K. Chambers, P. Trudgill, N. Schilling-Estes (eds.), The Handbook of Language Variation and Change, Oxford, Blackwell, 764-78.


R Simone

Emeritus, Roma Tre University, Rome

Il 28/10/2021 15:41, Juergen Bohnemeyer ha scritto:

Dear Sergey — I highly recommend ch9 of Thomason 2001, which includes an excellent discussion of the earlier literature, including the work by Dorian, Sasse, and A. Schmidt. — Best — Juergen

Thomason, S. (2001). Language contact: An introduction. Washington, D.C.: Georgetown University Press.

On Oct 28, 2021, at 9:14 AM, Sergey Loesov <sergeloesov at gmail.com><mailto:sergeloesov at gmail.com> wrote:

Dear colleagues,

Could you please recommend some standard and reference works on the problems of "Language death"?

Best wishes,


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