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Dear Sergej,

the following list of titles can be of use:

  * Brenzinger, M. (ed.) (1992): /Language Death. Factual and
    Theoretical Explorations with Special Reference to East Africa/.
    Berlin, De Gruyter.
  * Campbell, L. (1994): Language Death. In R.E. Asher & J.M.Y. Simpson
    (eds.), /The Encyclopedia of Language and Linguistics/, Vol. 4,
    Oxford, Pergamon Press, 1960-1968.
  * Dal Negro, S. (2004): /The Decay of a Language. The Case of a German
    Dialect in the Italian Alps/. Bern, Lang.
  * De Bot, K. (1996): Language loss. In H. Goebl, P.H. Nelde, Z. Starý,
    W. Wölck (eds.), /Kontaktlinguistik. //Contact Linguistics.
    Linguistique de contact/ (1. Halbband), Berlin, De Gruyter, 579-58,
  * Denison, N. (1977): Language death or language suicide?
    /Linguistics/, 191, 13-22.
  * Dorian, N.C. (1977): The problem of the semi-speaker in language
    death. /Linguistics/, 191, 23-32.
  * Dorian, N.C. (1981): /Language Death. The Life Cycle of a Scottish
    Gaelic Dialect/. Philadelphia, University of Pennsylvania Press.
  * Dorian, N.C. (1999): The study of language obsolescence: stages,
    surprises, challenges. /Langues et Linguistique. Languages and
    Linguistics/, 3, 99-122.
  * Dorian, N.C. (ed.) (1989): /Investigating Obsolescence. Studies in
    Language Contraction and Death/. Cambridge, Cambridge University Press.
  * Dressler, W.U. (1996): Language death. In R. Singh (ed.), /Towards a
    Critical Sociolinguistics/, Amsterdam, Benjamins, 195-210.
  * Dressler, W.U. (2003): Dallo stadio di lingue minacciate allo stadio
    di lingue moribonde attraverso lo stadio di lingue decadenti: una
    catastrofe ecolinguistica considerata in una prospettiva
    costruttivista. In A. Valentini, P. Molinelli, P. Cuzzolin, G.
    Bernini (a cura di), /Ecologia linguistica/, Roma, Bulzoni, 9-25.
  * Dressler, W.U. & Wodak-Leodolter, R. (1977): Language preservation
    and language death in Brittany. /International Journal of the
    Sociology of Language/, 12, 33-44.
  * Hagège, C. (2000): /Halte à la mort des langues/. Paris, Odile Jacob.
  * Myers-Scotton, C. (1998): A way to dusty death: the Matrix Language
    turnover hypothesis. In L.A. Grenoble & L.J. Whaley (eds.),
    /Endangered Languages/, Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 289-316.
  * Sasse, H.-J. (1992): Theory of language death. In Brenzinger (ed.),
  * Wolfram, W. (2002): Language death and dying. In J.K. Chambers, P.
    Trudgill, N. Schilling-Estes (eds.), /The Handbook of Language
    Variation and Change/, Oxford, Blackwell, 764-78.


R Simone

Emeritus, Roma Tre University, Rome

Il 28/10/2021 15:41, Juergen Bohnemeyer ha scritto:
> Dear Sergey — I highly recommend ch9 of Thomason 2001, which includes an excellent discussion of the earlier literature, including the work by Dorian, Sasse, and A. Schmidt. — Best — Juergen
> Thomason, S. (2001). Language contact: An introduction. Washington, D.C.: Georgetown University Press.
>> On Oct 28, 2021, at 9:14 AM, Sergey Loesov <sergeloesov at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Dear colleagues,
>> Could you please recommend some standard and reference works on the problems of "Language death"?
>> Best wishes,
>> Sergey
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