[Lingtyp] Morphosyntax: Constructions of the World's Languages

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Dear Bill,
Congratulations! One query: on the CUP page you provide a link to it says the hardback version has a 'page extent' of 776 and the paperback 340 even though in other respects (dimensions and weight) they are pretty close. Is there a mistake here?

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Dear all,

  My book "Morphosyntax: Constructions of the World's Languages" was released in the Cambridge Textbooks in Linguistics series last week:


  You can view the front matter and Chapter 1 online here:


  The hardcopy edition does not include the Glossary (88 pages) due to the length of the book (726 pages). (The e-book includes the Glossary.) Cambridge has made the Glossary available here:


  Feedback is welcome. This was a large, multiyear undertaking, yet there is certainly much that could be done better.

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