[Lingtyp] Dissecting Morphological Theory 3 (DMTD3): Diminutivization, Allomorphy and the Architecture of Grammar, Sept. 3rd-4th, 2022

Stela Manova stela.manova at univie.ac.at
Tue Aug 16 13:48:54 UTC 2022

Dear Colleagues,

This is to invite you to the workshop /Dissecting Morphological Theory 3 
(DMTD3): Diminutivization, Allomorphy and the Architecture of Grammar//, 
/to be held in conjunction with the 20^th International Morphology 
Meeting (IMM20) on Sept. 3^rd - 4^th , 2022. The IMM20 is hosted by the 
Hungarian Research Centre for Linguistics.

The workshop beginswith a series of papers on diminutivization in 
Slavic(Sept. 3^rd ), including a paper on the nominal diminutivesuffixes 
in thebirch bark letters of Novgorod (Sept. 4^th ).On Sept. 4^th , the 
program also featurestalks on:Italian; Akan, Nzema and Esahie (Kwa, 
Niger-Congo);Colloquial Beijing Mandarin;Mehri (Semitic, Modern South 
Arabian);Turkish; and rural German in Austria.

The schedule and the abstracts can be foundat: 

The workshop description andthe listof the scientificcommittee members 
are available at: 

Best regards,

Stela Manova, for the workshop organizers

Dr. Stela MANOVA
Middle European Interdisciplinary Master Program in Cognitive Science
Department of Philosophy
University of Vienna
Universitätsstraße 7
A-1010 Vienna

Email:stela.manova at univie.ac.at  

Recent preprints and manuscripts (comments welcome)
   Manova, S. 2021. Ordering restrictions between affixes. Invited contribution to The Wiley Blackwell Companion to Morphology, edited by Ackema, Peter, Sabrina Bendjaballah, Eulàlia Bonet, and Antonio Fábregas. John Wiley & Sons. lingbuzz/006219
   Manova, S. 2022. The iconicity of affix order. Invited contribution to The Oxford  Handbook of Iconicity in Language, edited by Fischer, Olga, Kimi Akita & Pamela Perniss. New York: Oxford University Press. DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.2.31239.47520
   Manova, S. 2022. The linear order of elements in prominent linguistic sequences: Deriving Tns-Asp-Mood orders and Greenberg’s Universal 20 with n-grams. lingbuzz/006082
   Manova, S. 2022. The binary code of language: Bidirectionally fixed combinations of words. [In (American) English, the most frequent combinations of the most frequent nouns, adjectives and verbs with other words are bidirectionally fixed: In a bidirectionally fixed bigram AB, word A “requires” word B and vice versa and the bigram AB is thus predictable in both directions, starting from either A or B; likewise for a bidirectionally fixed trigram ABC: AB predicts C and BC predicts A. Bidirectionally fixed word combinations differ from multiword expressions, in the sense that the latter are not necessarily bidirectionally fixed.] Drop me a message if you are interested in this manuscript.
   Manova, S. & D. Sitchinava. 2022. Slavic diminutive morphology: An interplay of scope, templates and paradigms. DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.2.19756.33921


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