[Lingtyp] Lingtyp mails classified as spams?

Juergen Bohnemeyer jb77 at buffalo.edu
Sun Dec 11 17:43:54 UTC 2022

Dear all – I imagine everybody is already aware of this, since I’m, like, the least tech-savvy linguist I know. But just in case, here it is:

Many mail clients seem to have spam filters with defaults that categorize anything that comes from a listserv as junk. This appears to be the case with both Apple Mail and Outlook, for example (or maybe it’s a default of the U at Buffalo mail server).

If this is happening to you, there should be a setting somewhere where you can invoke a safe domain exception. So for example, I entered “linguistlist.org” in my safe domains list, and that has taken care of LingTyp messages going to spam/junk.

(Ridiculously, I actually also had to enter “buffalo.edu” as a safe domain. My own messages to UB listservs were getting junk-labeled 😡)

(Incidentally, it took me a while to figure out that I could only make these setting changes online, not in the local app on my computer. That too might be a local quirk of the UB system, but one which is very likely replicated elsewhere.)

Best -- Juergen

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> On Dec 10, 2022, at 9:41 PM, Ian Joo <I.Joo at tilburguniversity.edu> wrote:
> Dear all,
> is it just me or are the lingtyp mails keep on getting classified as spams?
> I’m trying to change the settings of my e-mail to not detect them as spams but the mails inevitably end up in spam folder.
> Is it just my problem or is anyone else having the same issue?

This has been happening to me on both of the e-mail servers I use (gmail.com and stanford.edu). Originally, about a quarter of the mail to Lingtyp (I *think* just the mailings of calls for papers, open positions, conference programs, and the like) were shunted to my junk mailbox. I then had to move them to my inbox -- training the bot not to junk them in the first place -- and then delete them there after I'd read them. Things have gradually improved, but some Lingtyp mailings still get sent there. I don't know know what the bots are detecting, but the behavior is very annoying.


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