[Lingtyp] Two 1SG pronouns (in reported speech and beyond)

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Dear Denys,

A similar pattern happens in a few languages I've worked with in western
Brazil and Bolivia, but this is done through verbal indexes and not free
pronouns. For example, in Oro Win, if you want to express 'I want to sleep'
or 'I'm going to sleep' you can say *ypen ta ona*  (sleep 1sg.fut 1sg.nfut)
where you are essentially reporting yourself as ''I will sleep I (said)".
The first index is always in the future tense and the second in the
non-future tense, and while the first index is always in the first person
(sg or pl), the second index can be inflected to project the speech onto
different reported speakers. I talk about in more depth in a 2018 JHL
article called "Historical change in reported speech constructions in the
Chapacuran family".

All the best,

On Fri, Jan 21, 2022 at 10:23 AM Denys T. <denys.teptiuk at gmail.com> wrote:

> Dear all,
> Maybe this question may sound odd to many, but I wondered if there are
> languages that would have more than one 1SG pronoun, and if yes, how would
> the two differ from one another? My question mainly relates to reported
> speech constructions, specifically self-quotations. Since it is quite safe
> to assume that Reported Speaker = Reporter in self-quotations , I
> wondered if some language would distinguish the two sources of
> consciousness: 'I-now' as Reporter, and 'I-then' as Reported Speaker. I
> don’t think I have seen something like this in the literature (might have
> simply overlooked it), but if you have heard about something like that, I
> would be interested to know more. Any examples from the languages of your
> expertise where this (or any other similar distinction related to 1SG
> pronoun) occurs would be more than welcome!
> Have a lovely weekend!
> From Tartu,
> Denys Teptiuk
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