[Lingtyp] Two 1SG pronouns (in reported speech and beyond)

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Isn’t that rather like in French (je – moi, on – nous)? Hartmut Haberland

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Hello Denys,

Tshwa languages (Kalahari Khoe, Khoe-Kwadi) spoken in Botswana have two 1SG pronouns - with a morphologically more marked pronoun that is used in certain pragmatically marked contexts (e.g., contrastive focus, thetic utterances).

Pratchett, Lee J. 2020. Language contact and change eastern Botswana: insights from the pronominal system of an undocumented Kalahari Khoe variety<https://www.researchgate.net/publication/340311438_Language_contact_and_change_in_eastern_Botswana_New_insights_from_the_pronominal_system_of_an_undocumented_Kalahari_Khoe_language> (Khoe), Language in Africa 1: 33-64.


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