[Lingtyp] [External] Phonological differences of alienable vs. inalienable possession

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Hi Luise

Together with my wonderful late colleague and friend Anna Siewierska I wrote a paper which suggests that the phonetic realisation of 1SG possessives may show alienability effects in Lancashire dialect (contrasting an iconicity-based account with a frequency-based explanation, à la Martin Haspelmath):


Hope this may be of some use.

Best wishes

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Dear all,

I'm looking for languages, in which alienable and inalienable possession is marked by the same set (or at least - phonologically similar) exponents, yet do these exponents undergo different phonological processes in alienable vs. inalienable possession.

In Ojibwe, for example, vowel hiatus is resolved via consonant epenthesis in alienable possession, but via deletion in inalienable possession.

If anyone knows of more languages of this type, I would be grateful for references and comments.


Luise (Leipzig University)



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