[Lingtyp] semantic role of participant that needs something

Christian Lehmann christian.lehmann at uni-erfurt.de
Sat Jul 2 13:06:57 UTC 2022

Dear Ion,
> (1)This needs more sugar
> (so the subject may be just Possessor – in the broader sense discussed 
> by Alex François)
> Question: is there a version of /need /which requires x=z=E? Or a 
> version which requires just z=x?
> Do you feel a contradiction in (2)?
> (2)He needs money, but he doesn’t know it/is not aware of it
If this were contradictory, (1) would not be possible.
> As for modality, /need /is clearly modal (/is-good/ introduces modality)
This is so if evaluation is a kind of modality. There are narrower 
concepts of modality.



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