[Lingtyp] "Super", "superlocative" or 'top' cases outside the Caucasus and Uralic?

Jussi Ylikoski jussi.ylikoski at oulu.fi
Thu Jul 7 23:08:44 UTC 2022

Dear all,

More than a year ago, in the midst of another discussion, I asked about something that was never explicitly confirmed or refuted, and I would now like to repeat my question (archived at https://listserv.linguistlist.org/pipermail/lingtyp/2021-March/008683.html):

– – While many "Super", "superlocative" or 'top' cases can indeed be found in Uralic and in the languages of Caucasus (Ossetic (Indo-European) included), are there any other corners of the world with such specialized cases? In other words, I'm looking for morphological case distinctions as seen in the following Finnish word pairs:

lipasto-ssa 'in the drawer' vs. lipasto-lla 'on the drawer'
tule-ssa 'in the fire' vs. tule-lla 'on the fire'
mere-ssä 'in the sea' vs. mere-llä 'on the sea'

I'd be happy to locate similar morphological distinctions outside the Uralic family and the Causasus region.

(Edit: Frankly, at the time of correcting the proofs of a paper, I'd be happy not to locate such cases elsewhere, but the truth must win out.)

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