[Lingtyp] Stress/syllable/mora-timed languages

Kilu von Prince Kilu.Prince at hhu.de
Wed Jul 13 11:35:09 UTC 2022

I’m writing 1) to add a reference to the work of René Schiering, who has a couple of pertinent publications on the topic; 

and 2) to piggyback a little on this question: Is there more recent work on trade-offs between different ways of using the phonological word as a domain for specific prosodic processes (languages without prominent stress seem to have a tendency towards vowel harmony, or tone etc.)?

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On 4. Jul 2022, at 18:26, Volker Gast <volker.gast at uni-jena.de> wrote:

Dear all,
A friend has asked me if there is any way of determining how many languages in the world are stress/syllable/mora-timed.

Is there a database with this information? Has anybody looked into this question?


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