[Lingtyp] An ideophone for cough?

Maia Ponsonnet maia.ponsonnet at uwa.edu.au
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It seems to me that "cough" is used as an ideophone in English comic strips?


Cheers, Maïa

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And Mandarin has an ideophone for coughing. For instance, in Guizhou (Southwestern Mandarin) there is:

kung kung kung 'the sound of coughing'

In Standard Pinyin, this would probably be written kong kong kong, but there does not appear to be a standardized written form for this in Chinese either.

Followed by the general attributive marker de 的, this can function as an (intensifying) attribute of the noun for 'cough' or 'sound'.

It can also be a verb 'to cough'.


Andi Hölzl

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Dear all,

working on a paper on ideophones and their place in grammar and lexicon I happened to wonder how things are concerning cough.

Romance languages and other which I am familiar with do not seem to have a standard ideophone for it and even less a stable an accepted written version of it.

Do you know languages that have an ideophone for cough and even more a way of indicating it in writing?



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