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~ *Two-year postdoctoral position in linguistic typology* ~
 ~ *Complex predicates in Melanesia *~

LaTTiCe (CNRS, ENS), Paris

The ANR-DFG “ComPLETE” project is seeking applications for a 2-year
postdoctoral position in typological linguistics, to conduct an areal
typology of complex predicates in languages of Melanesia, including Papuan
and Austronesian.

   - Deadline for applying: 1st February 2023
   - Start of contract: 3 April 2023
   - End of contract: 2 April 2025


   - By combining first-hand data with data from the scientific literature,
   conduct a typological study of complex predicates (verb compounds, verb
   series, auxiliaries, constructions with co-verbs or light verbs,
   clause-chaining, etc.) in a representative sample of the languages of
   Melanesia, both Austronesian and Papuan
   - Conduct additional field research in Melanesia if necessary
   - Define and implement a typological approach in analysing the data,
   both in qualitative terms (typological analysis) and quantitative
   - Participate in meetings and gatherings of the ComPLETE project

ProfileAt the date of applying, the candidate must have had less than 2
years of experience in academia since their PhD.
They must have acquired the following skills:

   - have carried out fieldwork in linguistics to describe an
   under-documented language, ideally in the Pacific zone
   - have completed a doctoral thesis in the field of grammatical
   description or linguistic typology
   - have demonstrated solid knowledge of grammatical typology, and
   published in this field
   - be fluent in speaking, reading, writing, in English
   - be able to work independently
   - be able to work in a team

Other valuable but not mandatory skills:

   - have experience and/or knowledge in the languages of the Pacific
zone (Austronesian
   or Papuan)
   - have experience and/or knowledge in the domain of complex
predicates (serial
   verbs, auxiliaries, light verb constructions, etc.)
   - have a strong knowledge of statistics
   - be able to understand, speak and read French.

The position will be attached to the LATTICE dept. <http://lattice.cnrs.fr/> of
CNRS & École normale supérieure. Located in Montrouge near Paris, LATTICE
specializes in language evolution (lexical change, grammaticalization),
corpus analysis, and natural language processing.

This postdoc position is part of the “ComPLETE
<https://complete.huma-num.fr/index.htm>” project (“Complex Predicates in
Languages: Emergence, Typology, Evolution”), a French-German project
jointly funded by French ANR and German DFG for 3 years (2022–25), around
the typology of Verb-based Complex Predicates (e.g. serial verb
constructions; auxiliaries; converbs; light verb constructions).
If you wish to apply

→ follow the official link for candidates

Feel free to forward this message to potential candidates.

Alex François,
on behalf of the “ComPLETE” team.

Alex François
LaTTiCe <http://www.lattice.cnrs.fr/en/alexandre-francois/> — CNRS–
–Sorbonne nouvelle
Australian National University
Personal homepage <http://alex.francois.online.fr/>
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