[Lingtyp] Re. ELAN FLEx ELAN round trip (Eline Visser)

John Mansfield jbmansfield at gmail.com
Tue Jan 17 22:46:50 UTC 2023

Hi Eline, thanks for highlighting the difficulties of using the "ELAN →
Flex → ELAN round trip workflow".

The version you linked to seems to be missing screenshots and perhaps some
other parts, so I'm attaching the original PDF here.

I'm not sure if the problems you mention are due to changes in the software
since 2015, or if these were always problems anyway. It was always a rather
hacky, clumsy process!

I should also mention that when you get to the point of going ELAN → Flex →
ELAN → Flex, things really seem to get difficult. I think this is because
when your text has already been in Flex, it creates some kind of
identifiers in the Flex database, then trying to re-import it with
additional annotations always made it crash for me (even if I deleted the
previous version of the text from Flex first).

I agree it would be great to have a more stable and user-friendly way of
doing all this!

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