[Lingtyp] ELAN FLEx ELAN round trip

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Dear Elaine,


I just happened to notice while perusing the SSILA schedule for their online conference this weekend (free!), that transferring between ELAN and FLEx is being discussed there too.



You may want to contact Claire or her co-authors about this tool.






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Has anyone hacked ELAN and FLEx yet so that one can go back and forth between the two programmes without losing annotations? Afaik one can go from ELAN to FLEx and back to ELAN, but not a second time to FLEx. There is a manual that involves a tier-renaming script at https://hughp.gitbooks.io/the-flex-anti-manual/content/chapter8.html, but I can't make it work. Is there a more fool-proof way yet?


Eline Visser

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