[Lingtyp] ELAN FLEx ELAN round trip

Alexandre Arkhipov sarkipo at yandex.ru
Wed Jan 18 09:59:44 UTC 2023

Dear Eline,

Generally the problem has not been solved, AFAIK.
But we are developing a solution in the INEL project (tuned to a 
specific ELAN configuration) which also imports the glossing into FLEx. 
It seems to be working already, but we've run it only on a couple of 
test files so far. The rest will be done later this year. If you wish 
you can contact me at alexandre.arkhipov ~at~ uni-hamburg.de and we'll 
see if our solution can be adapted to your data.


17/01/2023 10:02, Eline Visser пишет:
> Hi,
> Has anyone hacked ELAN and FLEx yet so that one can go back and forth 
> between the two programmes without losing annotations? Afaik one can 
> go from ELAN to FLEx and back to ELAN, but not a second time to FLEx. 
> There is a manual that involves a tier-renaming script at 
> https://hughp.gitbooks.io/the-flex-anti-manual/content/chapter8.html, 
> but I can't make it work. Is there a more fool-proof way yet?
> Eline Visser
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