25.3992, Jobs: Psycholinguistics: Assistant Professor, University of Buffalo

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Subject: 25.3992, Jobs: Psycholinguistics: Assistant Professor, University of Buffalo

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Date: Fri, 10 Oct 2014 13:24:50
From: Elaine Stathopoulos [stathop at buffalo.edu]
Subject: Psycholinguistics: Assistant Professor, University of Buffalo, New York, USA

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University or Organization: University at Buffalo 
Department: Communicative Disorders and Sciences
Job Location: New York, USA 
Web Address: http://www.ubjobs.buffalo.edu/#1400666
Job Title: Adult Language Disorders
Job Rank: Assistant Professor

Specialty Areas: Psycholinguistics 


The Department of Communicative Disorders and Sciences at the University at
Buffalo invites applications for a 10-month tenure track position at the
assistant professor level in adult language disorders.  Faculty are expected
to develop an independent research program, publish in peer reviewed journals,
and seek extramural research support. Teaching responsibilities include
teaching undergraduate and graduate level courses in adult language disorders.

Minimum qualification(s):  Ph.D. in Communicative Disorders or related field. 
Post-doctoral experience and Certificate of Clinical Competence (CCC) in
Speech-Language Pathology is desirable, but not required.

Job Duties: Develop and maintain an active research program in adult language
as well as teach 3 courses per academic year, and provide service to the
Department, University and community.

The Department of Communicative Disorders and Sciences (CDS) has active
research programs in speech science and motor speech disorders, language
development and disorders, augmentative communication, hearing science and
hearing disorders.  CDS has a full complement of academic faculty as well as
full-time clinical faculty who provide supervision in the UB Speech and
Hearing clinic.  Our 12-month, full service clinic offers a broad range of
clinical services to clients across the life span.  The Department is a CAA
accredited clinical graduate program in Speech-Language Pathology and
Audiology, and offers B.S., M.A., Au.D. and Ph.D. degrees.  CDS is located on
the “Main Street” campus which is located in the middle of a
residential/business neighborhood and is central to both downtown and suburban
based activities.  The Department is physically located within the Medical
School and is adjacent to the Dental School, School of Pharmacy, School of
Nursing, Rehabilitation Sciences, and Exercise Physiology and Nutrition. 
Academically, CDS is one of 30+ departments making up the College of Arts and

The University at Buffalo, The State University of New York (SUNY) is a member
of the Association of American Universities and is a Comprehensive
Doctoral/Research university that includes Medical and Law Schools, and
Division I athletics.  The Department is ranked 4th in the Chronicle of Higher
Education’s Faculty Scholarly Publication Index within the University at
Buffalo. It ranks 5th – 10th on the national scholarly index among 20
departments from the disciplines of Communication Disorders and Sciences, and
Speech and Hearing Sciences.

Application Deadline: 01-Dec-2014 
Web Address for Applications: http://www.ubjobs.buffalo.edu/#1400666 
Contact Information:
	Professor Elaine Stathopoulos 
	Email: stathop at buffalo.edu 
	Fax: 716-829-3974 

LINGUIST List: Vol-25-3992	


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