25.4290, FYI: Call for Papers: Interpreting in Church

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Subject: 25.4290, FYI: Call for Papers: Interpreting in Church

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Date: Tue, 28 Oct 2014 19:02:23
From: Jonathan Downie [jonathan.downie at gmail.com]
Subject: Call for Papers: Interpreting in Church

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Recognising a responsibility to cater for the needs of minorities in their
multilingual contexts, many churches and Christian organisations provide some
form of spoken or signed language interpreting in public events such as church
services, conferences and mission activities. The interpreters most often
serve in a voluntary capacity, even when they are themselves professionally
trained; and in private encounters within these settings, participants may
bring voluntary interpreters to bridge the language barrier for them. Embedded
within all kinds of events in this wide-ranging field of church interpreting
is the practice of spontaneously rendering Scripture into other languages. 

The interpreting activities which occur in these settings challenge the image
of the “neutral” interpreter and existing typologies of interpreter-mediated
events, but they have only recently become the subject of research. The last
decade has seen a few articles appear in academic journals, two conference
panels and several PhDs, and this year an online forum has been established
(see below).

We hope to present some of the findings of this research in a collection of
chapters of 5,000‒8,000 words under the working title: “Interpreting in
Church”, which should be understood in the widest sense to embrace the whole
range of interlingual interpreting activities which occur in Christian

Abstracts of 250‒350 words on work not previously published elsewhere are
invited from any of the academic perspectives which contribute to Interpreting
Studies in general and this topic in particular.

Submission of Abstracts: 
250-350 words, not including references, to jonathan.downie at gmail.com by 28th
November, 2014. Please submit all abstracts as file attachments in .docx, .doc
or .rtf format.

Some recent academic publications on the topic:
Downie, Jonathan (2014) Towards a homiletic of sermon interpreting. Journal of
the Evangelical Homiletics Society, 14/2 (due October 2014)
Hokkanen, Sari (2012) Simultaneous church interpreting as service. The
Translator, 18/2, 291-309
Karlik, Jill (2010) Interpreter-mediated Scriptures: Expectation and
performance. Interpreting 12/2, 160-184
Musyoka, Eunice and Karanja, Peter (2014) Problems of interpreting as a means
of communication: A Study on Interpretation of Kamba to English Pentecostal
Church Sermon in Machakos Town, Kenya. International Journal of Humanities and
Social Science 4/5, 196-207 
Rayman, Jennifer (2007) Visions of Equality: Translating power in a Deaf
sermonette. The Sign Language Translator and Interpreter 1/1, 73–115
Vigouroux, Cécile (2010) Double-mouthed discourse: Interpreting, framing, and
participant roles. Journal of Sociolinguistics 14/3, 341-369
Conference panels: EST, University of Mainz, 2013; 2nd International
Conference on Non-professional Interpreting and Translating, University of
Mainz 2014.

Church Interpreting and Biblical Performance Criticism Research Forum: 

Linguistic Field(s): Translation


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