25.4299, Confs: Computational Linguistics, Semantics, Syntax/Spain

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Subject: 25.4299, Confs: Computational Linguistics, Semantics, Syntax/Spain

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Date: Wed, 29 Oct 2014 16:34:52
From: Yusuke Kubota [kubota.yusuke.fn at u.tsukuba.ac.jp]
Subject: Empirical Advances in Categorial Grammar

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Empirical Advances in Categorial Grammar 
Short Title: CG2015 

Date: 10-Aug-2015 - 14-Aug-2015 
Location: Barcelona, Spain 
Contact: Yusuke Kubota 
Contact Email: kubota.yusuke.fn at u.tsukuba.ac.jp 
Meeting URL: http://www.u.tsukuba.ac.jp/~kubota.yusuke.fn/cg2015.html 

Linguistic Field(s): Computational Linguistics; Semantics; Syntax 

Meeting Description: 

This workshop provides a forum for discussion of recent empirical advances in categorial grammar (CG). After the revival of interest in CG in linguistics in the 80s, various extensions to the Lambek
calculus and an early version of Combinatory Categorial Grammar have been proposed. But the fundamental question of whether CG constitutes an adequate linguistic theory still seems to be wide open. What are the relations between the various formal techniques/frameworks proposed in the literature in the past 30 years? To promote discussions of these questions, we invite submissions of papers that address the empirical adequacy of categorial grammar as a theory of natural language.

More details on the motivation for the workshop and possible topics for submissions are described on the workshop webpage:


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