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Subject: 25.4300, Calls: Computational Ling, Text/Corpus Ling/UK

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Date: Wed, 29 Oct 2014 17:06:39
From: Christina Unger [cunger at cit-ec.uni-bielefeld.de]
Subject: Language and Ontologies

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Full Title: Language and Ontologies 

Date: 14-Apr-2015 - 14-Apr-2015
Location: London, United Kingdom 
Contact Person: Roman Kutlak
Meeting Email: langandonto at gmail.com
Web Site: http://langandonto.github.io/ 

Linguistic Field(s): Computational Linguistics; Text/Corpus Linguistics 

Call Deadline: 21-Dec-2014 

Meeting Description:

Language and Ontologies is a workshop at the 11th International Conference on
Computational Semantics (IWCS), aiming to create a forum for the many ways in
which research on ontologies and research in computational linguistics relate
to each other. In particular, we want to bring together researchers from
different communities, including controlled languages and natural language
interfaces as well as ontology languages and linguistic ontologies, in order
to identify common interests, exploit synergies, and share methods, tools and

Call for Papers:

Topics of Interest:

- NLP-driven ontology modelling
- Ontology learning and population from text
- Ontology authoring
- Annotation and annotation schemes
- Authoring dialogues
- Psychological studies of errors
- NLP-driven access to ontologies
- Natural language interfaces to ontologies
- Verbalization of ontologies
- Verbalization of query languages
- Ontologies for NLP (e.g. textual entailment, summarisation)
- Ontology-based information retrieval
- Ontologies, folksonomies, and lexicons

Submission Requirements:

Papers should be a mamximum of 6 pages long with an additional page allowed for references. Papers should be electronically submitted in PDF format via EasyChair (to be arranged). Submissions have to be anonymous and follow the IWCS formatting guidelines.

The deadline for submission is 21 December 2014. The accepted papers will be part of the conference proceedings and will be published electronically in the ACL Anthology.

Important Dates:

Submissions due: 21 December 2014
Notification of acceptance: 2 February 2015
Camera-ready versions due: 25 February 2015
Workshop: 14 April 2015


Roman Kutlák, University of Aberdeen
Artemis Parvizi, University of Aberdeen
Christina Unger, Universität Bielefeld

Contact: langandonto at gmail.com

Program Committee:

Ion Androutsopoulos (Athens University of Economics and Business)
John Bateman (Bremen University)
Elena Cabrio (INRIA Sophia Antipolis)
Aldo Gangemi (ISTC Rome)
Jorge Gracia (UPM Madrid)
Geeth de Mel (IBM US)
Andrea Moro (Università di Roma La Sapienza)
Jeff Z. Pan (University of Aberdeen)
Richard Power (Open University)
Riccardo Rosati (Università di Roma La Sapienza)
Steffen Staab (Universität Koblenz)
Robert Stevens (Manchester University)
Matthias Thimm (Universität Koblenz)
Kees van Deemter (University of Aberdeen)
Serena Villata (INRIA Sophia Antipolis)
Boris Villazn-Terrazas (iSOCO Madrid)
Adam Wyner (University of Aberdeen)
Feiyu Xu (DFKI, Saarbrücken)

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