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                  ADVANCE ANNOUNCEMENT

         Special Issue of Speech Communication
         on Speech Annotation and Corpus Tools

In recent years there has been an explosion of activity in
the area of annotated linguistic databases.  A wide variety
of formats and tools have been developed; for an extensive
set of web pointers, see [].
Hundreds of annotated speech corpora have been published,
and such corpora are finding uses in a rapidly expanding set
of disciplines.

In the majority of cases, annotated corpora and associated
software have been created without reference to other
efforts in the area, leading to a proliferation of
incompatible tools and formats despite the common conceptual
core. There is a clear need for the dissemination of
existing work and open discussion of the issues it raises,
ultimately leading to consensus about formats and the
creation of general purpose tools.

Speech Communication [] will
sponsor a special issue on speech annotation and tools for
developing and interrogating speech corpora, to be edited by
Steven Bird and Jonathan Harrington.  Information about
deadlines will be circulated once it is available.  In the
meantime, please visit the page for the special issue:

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Steven & Jonathan.

Dr Jonathan Harrington
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Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia.
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Dr Steven Bird
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Linguistic Data Consortium, University of Pennsylvania
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