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                      SECOND CALL FOR PAPERS

                        First workshop on


          Institute for Logic, Language and Computation
                    Amsterdam, August 15, 1999

               (Submission deadline: June 1, 1999)

Traditional inference tools (such as theorem provers and model builders)
are reaching new levels of sophistication and are now widely and easily
available.  In addition, a wide variety of new tools (statistical and
probabilistic methods, ideas from the machine learning community) are
likely to be increasingly applied in computational semantics for natural
language.  Indeed, computational semantics has reached the stage where the
exploration and development of inference is one of its most pressing tasks
--- and there's a lot of interesting new work which takes inferential
issues seriously.

The first workshop on Inference in Computational Semantics (ICoS-1) intends
to bring together researchers from areas such as Computational Linguistics,
Artificial Intelligence, Computer Science, and Logic, in order to discuss
approaches and applications of inference in natural language semantics.

We invite two kinds of submissions: research papers on inference methods
in computational semantics as well as their applications; and system
descriptions.  Research papers can be up to 10 A4 size pages (formatted
using the standard LaTeX2e options 11pt and a4paper), and system
descriptions can be up to 4 A4 size pages (again, formatted using 11pt,
a4paper as options).  System descriptions should focus on actual
implementations, explaining system architecture issues and specific
implementation techniques.  Every system description should be
accompanied by a system demo at ICoS-1.  The primary means of submission
will be electronic, in PostScript format.  Submissions should be sent to
icos1 at

  * Submission deadline: June 1, 1999
  * Notification date: July 1, 1999
  * Final versions due: July 21, 1999
  * Workshop: August 15, 1999

The following people will give invited presentations:

  * Johan Bos (Saarbruecken)
    Automated Reasoning for Natural Language Semantics
  * Steve Pulman (SRI)
    Title to be announced
  * Matthew Stone (Rutgers)
    Towards a computational account of knowledge, action and instructions

The program committee for ICoS-1 consists of the following people:

   James Allen                     Michael Kohlhase
   Patrick Blackburn               Alex Lascarides
   Denys Duchier                   Christof Monz
   Jan van Eijck                   Reinhard Muskens
   Claire Gardent                  Maarten de Rijke
   Jacques Jayez                   Henk Zeevat

ICoS-1 will be held at the University of Amsterdam during the 11th European
Summer School on Logic, Language and Information (ESSLLI'99), which will be
held in Utrecht, approximately 30 km from Amsterdam.

Detailed information about the program, and about registration and
accommodation will be made available at a later stage.  For further
information, please contact the local organizers at icos1 at or
visit the ICoS-1 home page:

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