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         |                                            |
         |       34th COLLOQUIUM OF LINGUISTICS       |
         |                                            |
         |        34. LINGUISTISCHES KOLLOQUIUM       |
         |                                            |
         |         34e COLLOQUE LINGUISTIQUE          |
         |                                            |
         |            September 7-10, 1999            |
         |                                            |
         |        University of Mainz, Germany        |
         |                                            |
         |           SECOND CALL FOR PAPERS           |

         |                                            |
         |                                            |
         |   Additional Tutorial - Sydney M. Lamb:    |
         |   "The Neurocognitive Basis of Language"   |
         |                                            |
         |   Travel Support for Scientists from       |
         |   Eastern Europe                           |

We cordially invite you to participate in the 34th Colloquium
of Linguistics which will take place at the Johannes Gutenberg-
Universitaet Mainz, Faculty of Applied Linguistics and Cultural
Studies in Germersheim, from September 7 to September 10, 1999.
The motto of this year's conference will be "Linguistics on the
Way into the New Millennium". Continuing the tradition of the
colloquium, there will be no restrictions regarding the choice
of topics. The conference languages are English, German, and
French. Presentations should not exceed 30 minutes which includes
10 minutes of discussion. The deadline for abstracts is May 31,
1999. A volume of abstracts will be available at the conference.
The proceedings with the full papers will be published after the
conference with Peter Lang-Verlag.

In a break with tradition, this year's conference program will
be supplemented by a number of tutorials. Each tutorial comprises
three hours and is intended to give a concise introduction to a
specific field for audiences with a different focus of research.

We are particularly happy to offer you a bus excursion to the
old city of Heidelberg with a guided tour through the castle
on Thursday, September 9. On the way, we will stop in Speyer,
whose Cathedral (Kaiserdom) is part of the UNESCO's world
cultural heritage.

Please do not hesitate to bring this announcement to the
attention of interested colleagues. More information can be
found on our website at

Prof. Dr. Dieter Huber                    Dr. Reinhard Rapp


May 31, 1999    - Submission of abstracts
                  (confirmation within two weeks)
                - Conference registration (reduced rate)
                - Registration for tutorials & excursion
                - Hotel reservation

Nov. 30, 1999   - Submission of full papers for the proceedings


               |  Morning    |   Afternoon  |    Evening
 Tue, Sept. 7  |  Tutorials  |   Tutorials  |  Germersheim
               |             |              |  Guided Tour
 Wed, Sept. 8  | Opening &   |     Papers   |   Reception
               |   Papers    |              |  (Town Hall)
 Thu, Sept. 9  |   Papers    |   Excursion to Heidelberg
               |             |          and Speyer
 Fri, Sept. 10 |    Papers &    |         (Departure)
               | Conference End |

The presentations will be organized in parallel sections.


    Time     |            Tutorial            |  Language
 9.00-12.30  | Prof. Peter Hellwig: Natural   |  English
             | Language Parsing, Part 1       |
             |                                |
 9.00-12.30  | Christian Otto: Sprachtech-    |  German
             | nologie fuer das Internet      |
 14.00-17.30 | Prof. Peter Hellwig: Natural   |  English
             | Language Parsing, Part 2       |
             |                                |
 14.00-17.30 | Prof. Uta Seewald-Heeg:        |  German
             | Maschinelle Uebersetzung       |
             |                                |
 14.00-17.30 | Prof. Sydney M. Lamb: The Neu- |  English
             | rocognitive Basis of Language  |

The Tutorials take place during the first full day of the confe-
rence (Sept. 7, 1999). Therefore, the official opening is on the
second day. For each tutorial, a description can be found at


The Faculty of Applied Linguistics and Cultural Studies (FASK)
of the University of Mainz is located in Germersheim in the south-
west of Germany on the Rhine between the cities of Mannheim and
Karlsruhe. It can easily be reached by car, train, and airplane.
With its 2500 students, more than 1000 of whom coming from 70
different foreign countries, the faculty is known as one of the
world's largest institutions dedicated to the training and edu-
cation of translators and interpreters. Within walking distance
from the faculty, six hotels and the student's residence are
available with single rooms priced between 30 and 90 DM per
night. Meals are provided by the university canteen, the cafe-
teria, and by a number of restaurants (with lunch specials).
The main attractions in and around Germersheim are its fortress,
the German Wine Road, the Palatinate Forest with Hambach Castle,
Speyer, Heidelberg, the Castle Park in Schwetzingen and the
Old Abbey in Maulbronn.


Dr. Susanne Beckmann, University of Muenster
Dr. Abraham P. ten Cate, Rijksuniversiteit Groningen
Dr. Tadeusz Danilewicz, Gdansk University
Prof. Dr. K. Dorfmueller-Karpusa, Univ. of Thessaloniki
Dieter W. Halwachs, University of Graz
Prof. Dr. Mikhail Kotin, State University Moscow
Prof. Dr. Wim Klooster, University of Amsterdam
Prof. Dr. Wilfried Kuerschner, University of Osnabrueck
Dr. Reinhard Rapp, University of Mainz (Conference Chair)
Prof. Dr. Hans Otto Spillmann, University of Kassel
Prof. Dr. Kazimierz A. Sroka, Gdansk University
Dr. Juerg Straessler, University of Bern
Prof. Dr. Zygmunt Vetulani, University of Poznan
Dr. Ingo Warnke, University of Kassel
Prof. Dr. Richard J. Watts, University of Bern
Prof. Dr. Heinrich Weber, University of Tuebingen
Prof. Dr. Lew Zybatow, University of Bielefeld


The conference fee is 100 DM for early registration (120 DM after
May 31, 1999). This sum includes the registration fee and will,
among other things, cover pre-conference materials, tea and
coffee, the guided tour through Germersheim on Tuesday and the
reception on Wednesday. It will not, however, cover meals,
accomodation, proceedings, the excursion to Heidelberg (30 DM),
and the tutorials (20 DM per tutorial, written documentation
included). Accepted currencies are DM and Euro (exchange rate:
1 Euro = 2 DM).


Please find registration information on our website at


For a limited number of scientists from Eastern Europe - subject
to confirmation from our sponsors - there will be partial travel
support available. Several conditions and restrictions apply. The
deadline for applications is May 31, 1999. Please send requests to
the address given below.


Please send all correspondence to the following address:

34th Colloquium of Linguistics
c/o Dr. Reinhard Rapp            rapp at
Universitaet Mainz, FASK         Phone:  (+49) 7274 / 508-457
D-76711 Germersheim              Fax:    (+49) 7274 / 508-429

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