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                       KLUWER ACADEMIC PUBLISHERS
                              Volume 7
             Series editors: Nancy Ide and Jean Véronis

                Natural Language Information Retrieval
                            edited by
                       Tomek Strzalkowski

The last decade has been one of dramatic progress in the field of Natural
Language Processing (NLP). This hitherto largely academic discipline has
found itself at the center of an information revolution ushered in by the
Internet age, as demand for human-computer communication and information
access has exploded. Emerging applications in computer-assisted information
production and dissemination, automated understanding of news,
understanding of spoken language, and processing of foreign languages have
given impetus to research that has resulted in a new generation of robust
tools, systems, and commercial products.

This volume focuses on the use of Natural Language Processing (NLP) in
Information Retrieval, the technology that grew out of library research to
become our best hope in dealing with today's information overload. The book
gives a broad overview of the work being done at the junction of these two
important fields, and suggests directions for future explorations. It is
organized into two loosely structured parts. The first part, consisting of
Chapters 1 through 7, discusses research systems and evaluations that
represent major avenues where the impact of NLP technologies in information
retrieval is being explored. The second part (Chapters 8 through 14)
describes specific implementations and prototypes of information systems
where NLP techniques are used or proposed to assist in accurate retrieval,
text categorization, question answering, and in organizing the results for
the user.

Audience: This book will be a valuable reference to researchers and
practitioners in the fields of Natural Language Processing, Information
Retrieval, and Computational Linguistics.

Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht
Hardbound, ISBN 0-7923-5685-3
April 1999, 384 pp.
NLG 240.00 / USD 144.00 / GBP 84.00


Contents and Contributors


Contributing Authors.

1. What is the Role of NLP in Text Retrieval? K.S. Jones.

2. NLP for Term Variant Extraction: Synergy Between Morphology, Lexicon,
and Syntax; C. Jacquemin, E. Tzoukermann.

3. Combining Corpus Linguistics and Human Memory Models for Automatic Term
Association; G. Ruge.

4. Using NLP or NLP Resources for Information Retrieval Tasks; A.F. Smeaton.

5. Evaluating Natural Language Processing Techniques in Information
Retrieval; T. Strzalkowski, et al.

6. Stylistic Experiments in Information Retrieval; J. Karlgren.

7. Extraction-Based Text Categorization: Generating Domain-Specific Role
Relationships Automatically; E. Riloff, J. Lorenzen.

8. Lasie Jumps the Gat; Y. Wilks, R. Gaizauskas.

9. Phrasal Terms in Real-World IR Applications; J. Zhou.

10. Name Recognition and Retrieval Performance; P. Thompson, C. Dozier.

11. Collage: An NLP Toolset to Support Boolean Retrieval; J. Cowie.

12. Document Classification and Routing; L. Guthrie, et al.

13. Murax: Finding and Organizing Answers from Text Search; J. Kupiec.

14. The Use of Categories and Clusters for Organizing Retrieval Results; M.


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