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Second International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation
                          (LREC 2000)

                         Athens, Greece

   Pre-Conference Workshop Announcement and Call for Participation


              Tuesday, 30th May 2000, 09.00 - 13.30


Workshop description (summary)

This workshop seeks to explore how Information Extraction and Corpus
Linguistics can each benefit from the techniques of the other.  The
goals of information extraction and of corpus linguistics have thus
far had little in common. However, both are concerned with processing
large bodies of text. It is timely to explore how one can contribute
to the other.

Key topics (indicative list)

* How much can IE help corpus linguistics?
* How much can corpus linguistics help IE?
* What techniques are shared? What techniques from one field can
  be turned to use in the other?
* Is IE-type partial annotation in corpus linguistics useful?
* How feasible is it to offer different customised views over
  large-scale corpora with IE techniques?
* What needs to be done in standardising IE annotations to enable
  reuse by corpus linguists?
* How can corpus evidence help to guide IE systems?

Important dates

Deadline for workshop abstract submission: 22nd January 2000
Notification of acceptance: 25th February 2000
Final version of paper for workshop proceedings: 9th April 2000
Workshop: 30th May 2000

Organising Committee

John McNaught (UMIST, UK)
Bill Black (UMIST, UK)
Nicoletta Calzolari (ILC-CNR, Italy)
Luca Gilardoni (Quinary SpA, Italy)
Tony McEnery (University of Lancaster, UK)

Contact person for the workshop

John McNaught
Department of Language Engineering
PO Box 88
Sackville Street
Manchester M60 1QD

E-mail: jock at
Tel: +
Fax: +


An 800 word abstract in English should be submitted by e-mail to
McNaught (jock at, in plain ASCII text format. Each
submission should show: title; author(s); affiliation(s); and contact
author's e-mail address, postal address, telephone and fax numbers.


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