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CALL FOR PAPERS     [deadline: November 8, 1999]

conference: T H E   E V O L U T I O N   O F   L A N G U A G E
            Paris April 3-6, 2000
            Ecole Nationale Superieure des Telecommunications
            Paris - France

ORGANISED BY: Professor Jean Aitchison (Oxford University),
Dr. Jean-Louis Dessalles (ENST Paris), Professor Jim Hurford
(Department of Linguistics, University of Edinburgh),
Dr. Chris Knight (Department of Sociology, University of
East London), Professor Luc Steels (Sony CSL and Vrije
Universiteit Brussel).

LOCAL ORGANISATION: Jean-Louis Dessalles (ENST), Laleh Ghadakpour (CREA),
Frederic Kaplan (Sony CSL), Luc Steels (Sony CSL),  Francois Yvon (ENST).

	This will be the third conference in a series concerned with the
	evolutionary emergence of speech. From a wide range of disciplines,
	we seek to attract researchers willing to integrate their
	perspectives with those of modern Darwinism.

	The aim is to bring together linguists, computer scientists,
	anthropologists, palaeontologists, ethologists, geneticists,
	neuroscientists, and other scientists who are concerned with
	the question of the origin and evolution of language.


Frans B. M. de Waal (Emory University), Bernd Heine (Universitat zu Koln),
Ray Jackendoff (Brandeis University), Paul A. Mellars (University of
Cambridge), Sue Savage-Rumbaugh (Georgia State University),
Michael Tomasello (Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology).


Jean Aitchison (Worcester College), Robert C. Berwick (M.I.T.),
Derek Bickerton (Univ. Hawai), Ted Briscoe (University of Cambridge
Computer Laboratory), Rene Carre (ENST), Bernard Comrie (University
of Southern California), Jean-Louis Dessalles (ENST), Jean-Marie Hombert
(MSH Rhone-Alpes), James R. Hurford (University of Edinburgh), Michel Imbert
(Universite de Toulouse), Judy Kegl (University of Southern Maine),
Simon Kirby (University of Edinburgh), Chris Knight (University of
East London), Andre Langaney (Musee de l'Homme), Frederick J. Newmeyer
(University of Washington), Michael Studdert-Kennedy (Haskins Laboratories),
Luc Steels (Sony CSL & Vrije Universiteit Brussel), Bernard Victorri (Ecole
Normale Superieure, Paris).

Some of the issues that will be discussed are:

 origin of language

 . origin of phonetic abilities

 . origin of syntax

 . origin of symbolic representation semantic abilities

 . evolutionary significance of language, compatibility with natural selection

 . language and the origin of culture

 . chronology of the spread of mankind, and its relationship to language

 . the continuity/discontinuity of the language faculty with nonhuman
   communication systems.

 dynamics of language evolution

 . evolution of phonetic systems

 . evolution of the lexicon

 . evolution of grammar structures

Submission Instructions
Prospective authors are invited to submit extended abstracts or short papers
(from 1 to 4 pages, max. 2000 words).
Submitted papers will be refereed and selected for oral presentation
(25/30 min) on the basis of quality and relevance to the Conference topics.

Accepted abstracts and papers will be included in the Conference Proceedings
and will be made accessible through the web. Copies of the proceedings
will be available at the Conference. Authors of accepted contributions
will be asked to submit full length papers for a volume to be published after
the Conference by an international publisher.

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The deadline for submission is November 8th, 1999.
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Authors are strongly encouraged to submit their papers electronically
(MS Word preferred, but most formats will be recognised).

Please email your submission to evolang at
Don't forget to include the submission form (see below) in your message.

If you are planning to submit a paper or abstract, or if you simply
plan to attend the Conference, please send a mail to

	evolang at

You will be kept informed through e-mail of further useful information.

If you cannot send your submission through email, please send four copies
(and the submission form) to:

	J-L Dessalles
	ENST / Dep. InfRes
	46 rue Barrault
	F-75013 Paris - France

Submission Form

[ The first author should fill in the submission form and e-mail
  it to evolang at ]

Last NAME :

First Name :

Laboratory :

Organization/Affiliation :

Street Address :

City :

Postal code:

State/Province :

Country :

E-mail address for correspondence :

Fax :

Paper title :


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EMAIL: evolang at

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